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  • Tuesday, 25 June 2024
Biriggwa And Collogue Given 48hrs To Call Off The Upcoming Fdc Delegates Conference

Biriggwa And Collogue Given 48hrs To Call Off The Upcoming Fdc Delegates Conference

The district delegates’ chairpersons, secretaries, and members of the district executive committees today have attached petitions from 113 district executives in support of the petition to the party president to recommend disciplinary action against the party chairman Ambrose Wasswa Biriggwa, vice chairperson Honorable Ronald Mugume, and honorable Salaamu Musumba for failing to abscond from party business.

This was called upon while addressing the members of FDC at the party’s headquarters in Nanjjanakubi.

Under Article 11(d) reflecting on Article 23 (5) b and c of the FDC party constitution, delegates from 113 districts executives of Uganda comprised of 526 delegates have petitioned the FDC party chairman and the party vice Chairpersons for failure to support the implementation of the decisions of the national council regarding the report of the special elder’s committee.

Some of the party leaders have vowed not to give up the party but rather come up with solutions in order to reconcile the party.

Former FDC MP Apollo Kantinti also the chairman of Wakiso district noted that Ambrose was Biriggwa has failed to follow the rules of the party and yet his term of office had elapsed.


Some of the FDC members have asked their fellows to vote for them in the next elections. 

According to party chairman Wasswa Birigwa, the FDC  will have an extraordinary National Delegates Conference, which will take place on 19, Sept 2023 at Busabala.  

During today’s meeting it was made clear that any FDC member found attending the 19th delegates meeting organized by the chairman will be held accountable.

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