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  • Tuesday, 25 June 2024
FDC Officially Launches Online Digital Registration System For 2026 General Elections

FDC Officially Launches Online Digital Registration System For 2026 General Elections


The FDC party of Najjanankumbi has officially launched its new digital online registration system to register its real party members and leadership as they prepare for the 2026 general elections. According to the party president, they are more than ready to face opposition parties in the 2026 general elections since they have laid out strategies to engage the public to be part of the party in different sub-regions.

He adds that no one will break the country's laws since their campaigns will restore hope. This was revealed at the FDC party headquarters in Najjanankumbi. We have the report.

The FDC party president, Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, with the NEC committee, has unveiled the new digital online registration for the roadmap of the 2026 general elections today. Before the launch, the NEC members first had an official meeting to lay out the roadmap and to discuss sensitive matters, which hindered the journalists from accessing the meeting. However, during the launch, the party members were taken through the registration process.

While addressing the congregation, the party president revealed that the FDC party is the first party in Uganda to introduce online digital registration for its members since the world is now advancing digitally.

In the same light, the president furthermore called upon the party members to embrace the system to qualify as true party members.

Eng. Patrick clarified on the membership card fees in their different categories, noting that it's the only way to raise money for the coming activities.

Members of Parliament with other NEC committee members appreciated the system, noting that it is to bring back FDC people and also register more members. They added that they are ready to mobilize people for the upcoming elections and appealed to the Katonga group to prepare themselves. Pops The FDC party has already laid out its roadmap for mobilization starting on 27th June, where they will rally in Soroti, then from 11th to 12th in Teso and other districts. The national chairman in charge of discipline in the party warned the members who go against the party rules, noting that they will not be tolerated come 2026.

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