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  • Saturday, 13 July 2024
King Oyo Fronts Skilling The Youth To End Poverty As Toro Kingdom Marks 28th Anniversary

King Oyo Fronts Skilling The Youth To End Poverty As Toro Kingdom Marks 28th Anniversary

The king of Toro kingdom Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukid the Fourth has today celebrated his 28th coronation anniversary.

The function attracted people from all walks of life including members of parliament, cultural leaders, and religious leaders among others.

While addressing his subjects, Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru re-emphasized the need for the kingdom to put more focus on the five pillars if the kingdom if its people are to develop.


Hundreds of people have today gathered at the Toro kingdom palace in Karuziika as the kingdom celebrated the 28th Coronation anniversary of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi the fourth.

In his message to the subjects who turned up for the celebrations, the king re-emphasized the need for the main pillars which the kingdom, must focus on in order to realize poverty dedication among the subjects.

The pillars that are in line with his 2025 development plan include skilling the youth, tourism, and modern farming among others.

Without these, the World’s youngest monarch says the kingdom would not be able to release its plans.

However, the king says much as the kingdom is aiming at achieving its development plan, the rate at which HIV/AIDS is spreading in the kingdom risks bringing down all their efforts.

The figures released by the Uganda Aids Commission this year indicate that Fort Portal has the highest HIV/AIDS rate standing at 17.8% in the whole country.

Oyo tasked the Toro kingdom ministers, and religious leaders among others to put in more effort to bring the figures down. 

Steven Kiyingyi Amooti, the kingdom's prime minister praised the king for guiding the kingdom for now 28 years describing the journey as full of thorns and roses.

The prime minister promised the king to continue aiming for all the development plans in the kingdom so that the king’s subjects are out of poverty.

Kiyingyi says this will be done by using different avenues that are in the kingdom to earn more money for the kingdom.

The deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa, who was the guest of honor called for an end to land fragmentation saying it’s a catalyst behind the high rampant poverty cases both in the kingdom and the country at large.

According to the deputy speaker of parliament, the poverty levels in the country are alarming and he says urgent means must be put in place to address the problem.

King Oyo Fronts Skilling The Youth To End Poverty As Toro Kingdom Marks 28th Anniversary

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